Romney one of Five Steps CUT RED TAPE!!! OBAMA AGREES!!!

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    ONE thing Obama agrees with Romney... CUT RED TAPE!!!
    Obama SAID so!
    Obama said. "And we are going to cut through red tape.
    We are not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules.
    We want to make sure that we are anticipating and leaning forward."

    SO where was Obama 4 years ago?

    Romney on the other hand says that is the 3rd Executive Order he signs on the DAY One!
    Five executive orders For Day one

    An order to Cut red Tape
    Directs all agencies to immediately initiate the elimination of Obama-era regulations that unduly burden the economy or job creation, and then caps annual increases in regulatory costs at zero dollars!

    Red tape like THIS stupid stupid EPA process...
    First consider the EPA USING OUR TAX dollars to go after these people and their more then half acre of land!
    WOW what kind of DANGER did these people DO???

    The EPA said that Mike and Chantell Sackett illegally filled in most of their 0.63-acre lot with dirt and rocks in preparation for building a home.
    The agency said the property is a wetlands that cannot be disturbed without a permit. The Sacketts had none.
    The couple, who attended the Supreme Court arguments, said they had no reason to suspect there were wetlands on their property.
    They paid $23,000 for their property in 2005 and decided two years later to build a three-bedroom home.
    Workers spent three days filling in just under a half-acre of land.

    Three EPA officials showed up, said they believed the land was wetlands,
    asked for a permit and told the workers to stop.
    Six months later, the EPA sent the order that triggered the court case.
    The Sacketts wanted to challenge that order, but lower courts have said that they cannot.
    The EPA issues nearly 3,000 administrative compliance orders a year that call on alleged violators of environmental laws to stop what they're doing and repair the harm they've caused.
    Major business groups, homebuilders, road builders and agricultural interests all have joined the Sacketts in urging the court to make it easier to contest EPA compliance orders issued under several environmental laws.

    Read more: Supreme Court Justices Blast EPA For Thwarting Couple From Building On Protected Wetlands - Business Insider

    So the EPA has issued 3,000 compliance orders AND guess what ... THAT IS THE RED TaPE Obama wants to CUT!! He's had 4 years!

    For example: The EPA has rules and regulations for Loosened soil particles ;; DUST!

    Tempe, Ariz. builder pays $106,000 to settle dust violations
    EPA fines Imperial Toy $66,180.00 for selling ozone-depleting novelty
    Enforcement Results | Region 9: Enforcement | US EPA

    REALLY we having toy manufacturer fined for OZONE dangers!! DANGER!!!

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