Romney; just another dishonest businessman

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    If Romney is elected President he would run the Government like business and people of the government would not profit. He and his Cronies would take your Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance, etc and turn them over to the profit making private sector like Bain and Wall Street. Government can operate effectively without making a profit but the private sector cannot. If government did make a profit, it’s returned it to the people in the form of services, benefits and infrastructure. Presidents do not get bonuses when they succeed. Even the failed school voucher program go to private schools and they do make a profit off of tax payers money. Voucher programs cost more to run than Government run public school and their teachers are paid more. A “Voucher Government” will make those able to invest richer like Romney. Romney started his life of business with a million from Daddy Romney. Romney don’t know what it is like to “make ends meet” and I quote him. Live from paycheck to paycheck.

    Last businessman we had in the White House made billions for big contractors like Halliburton and Blackwater by way of two wars. Halliburton charge the taxpayers $26 for each paper plate for the past 10 years. Iraq war ended, troops came home but Halliburton and Blackwater stayed? Romney wants to continue where Bush left off and start a profit making war with Iran.

    Romney in the White House will not work for us, but will for those like him. So be careful who and what you vote for in November.

    Obama has a proven record of working for the people. Affordable Healthcare, extended unemployment insurance, stimulus that saved and created almost 3 million jobs, bailed out banks and auto industry saving jobs, extended tax cuts for the middle class while held hostage to extend tax cuts also for Romneyites. Ended the Iraq war, bring your children home alive instead of in flag draped pine boxes.

    “Show me your address Romney.“ Dishonest Romney did not qualify for Governorship of Massachusetts because his address was in Utah. Romney like any other Corporation cannot be trusted with the people’s house and money. You don’t want your Government turned into a “Voucher Private Sector Profit Making Government.”
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