RIP: Stephen Gately, Singer, 1976 - 2009

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    Most of you guys will probabaly never have heard of Stephen. He was a member of the very well known (in Europe) boyband, Boyzone. Back in when Boyzone were HUGE here, Stephen came out as gay. A remarkably brave move.

    Today is his funeral in his home town in Ireland. His four bandmates kept vigil last night, spending the night in the Church with Stephen so he wouldn't be alone on his last night. For some reason, that moves me greatly. These guys are seriously wealthy, and very famous, yet chose to stay in a cold dark church for hours with their friend instead of doing an endless round of media interviews 'grieving' in public.

    I'm not much of a fan of Boyzone - or boybands, but he was a very sweet guy. He died suddenly aged just 33 of natural causes. Clean living, kind, unassuming man.

    Stephen is the guy who sings at the beginning of this video.

    [ame=]YouTube - Boyzone - No Matter What: Stereo[/ame]

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