RINOs Funded By George Soros

Discussion in 'Politics' started by theim, Nov 11, 2005.

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    Scroll down and look at the number two donor. I wanna puke.

    If I didn't love this country more than anything save God Himself, I would say screw the GOP and let the Dhimmirats come and destroy the country peicemeal. What's the difference? One side at least pretends to give a damn what people like me, that's all.

    As much as it will cripple this country, the GOP should lose the next election. Hard. Only then will those morons stop taking advice from their enemies. Only then will they learn you can't trust a Dhimmirat. Only then will they realize that it's CONSERVATIVES who can be depended up on to vote for them, not moderates who change their vote depending on which direction the wind's blowing from on election day. Maybe after the Dems bail out of Iraq, give Osama another victory over the cowardly Great Satan, censor free speech by handing the Internet over to Europe, appoint a cabinet-level Secretary of Kuffar and Dhimmi Taxation, and demolish the defense budget because gosh if the terrorists see how much we spend on social welfare they'll think we're not bad and like us, a REAL conservative congress can get elected.

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