Rev. Al sharpton for illegal immigration.

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    Rev. Al Sharpton, of all people, oppose our immigration law being enforced and support law breakers. Go figure. He believes if law breakers add to the economy they should be excused of their crimes. Misdemeanors or felonies. If our immigration law say it is illegal to enter this country under the radar, then you don’t enter this country undetected. The punishment is deportation if caught and not amnesty.

    Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 237 (a)(1)(B) which says:
    "Any alien who is present in the United States in violation of this Act or any other law of the United States is deportable."
    Illegal Immigration IS A CRIME!

    Georgia’s immigration law has released 11,000 jobs. Great for unemployed Georgians and if the economy suffers from illegal aliens leaving the state, so be it. Pimps, drugs dealers and prostitutes contribute to the economy with their buying power, should be legalize them?

    And racial profiling is the only way to apprehend criminals and it is allowed in the Federal Immigration and Nationality act. “Spanish looking” “in a community were illegal aliens are know to live” and it allow for state and local officials to assist and comprehend and turn illegal aliens over to ICE for deportation but at the orders of Obama they are released here. WTH is this all about?

    How do you catch a criminal if you do not racial profile them? Black man robs a bank riding a red bike, you don’t look for a white man on a red bike. Racial profiling was the only way Operation Wetback work in the 50s. If you are here legally you should have no problem proving it with a card in your wallet. Only those who are here illegally should fear and oppose racial profiling.

    Illegal immigration is not an asset but a liability and legal or illegal and always will be because they are low income workers and pay very little in taxes if any. And the buying power do not make up for the cost of educating their children and teaching them English, healthcare and law enforcement and incarceration.

    H-2A visas will give Georgia all the legal farm worker they need but they don’t want legal, because illegals don’t complain and they can pay them less and treat them like S***.

    I am filled up to my neck in illegal alien propaganda, rhetoric and pandering. Lets put those in office that will enforce our immigration law and fix the immigration system without amnesty or path to citizenship that would destroy the American’s dream.

    If the federal immigration authorities will not do the job they are hire to do, enforce our immigration laws and deport those here illegally as the law allows, states would not have to pass immigration laws themselves. And there would not be 20 million illegal aliens in this country since the 1986 amnesty. Until illegal immigration directly affect them personally, our leaders in government will continue to do nothing.

    If we want to fix our economy, we need to fix illegal immigration as it contributes directly to our failing economy. Just ask California how much it cost them.

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