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    yesterday marked the 66 observance of the this bloody battle on a tiny atoll in the central pacific. out of approx 5000 marines in the battle almost half were killed or wounded.


    Leon Cooper at Red Beach - its a god damned mess !!!!

    archived from 08

    cooper returned to this tiny atoll in feb 08 to chase away some demons and was shocked at what he found. after getting the white wash from the Gov for help the new Zealand gov has offered their help in cleaning it up. natives have been using it as a dump for years. its strewn with bullets, shell casing and grenades. and buried bodies. the graves of 139 missing Marines and sailors whose remains had long been presumed lost have been found.
    according to this:

    Remains from WWII battle on Tarawa found, Florida group says:



    this was a TV doc which i missed but not sure i get this cable channel anyway. here's the doc in it entirety. a word. it is long. around 47 mins. but worth it if your a history buff like me

    return to tarawa




    Tarawa is an atoll. the battle was fought on Beito

    also an update. I posted this on another board. and was told by a member there In a magazine he claims he read that the remains of two marines were found in the 70's, still in their amtrack. Only one is identified and both are buried in a military grave.
    this is unconfirmed

    NOT one of our best historical moments. I hope no sacred battleground anywhere winds up like this

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