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    One of the few books I intended to reread over the years is Tom Robbins' Jitterbug Perfume. I had forgotten most of it, but I have started reading it for the second time and this time, I'm reading it slowly and savoring, not only what it meant to me at a critical time in my life several years ago, but also Robbins' witty descriptions.

    BUT the same thing is happening this time as happened the first. I am driven to go out and buy expensive perfumes, preferably French! I have had a fair collection of good perfume over the years, but yesterday, I dropped $175 on a bottle of Pure Poison and Forbidden Extasy! I never buy cologne as it doesn't stay with you. I buy the real concoction eau de parfum.

    Do you miss perfumes of your youth? You can recover some of them at this website:

    Vintage Long Lost Perfume

    This company has obtained the formulas and is remaking them not as knock offs, but the real thing. The only thing is the names are copyrighted and so they have to call them something else. But they tell you what the name was in the past. I have bought My Sin, Jungle Gardenia, Great Lady, and Evening in Paris from them. The prices are reasonable now. Jugle Gardenia is no longer the $100/ounce it was in the 1970s. The company does make a few knock offs, but they tell you if it is.

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