Republicans Love Our Seniors' - Votes

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rayboyusmc, Dec 10, 2009.

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    The do nothing Republican party is trying to kill the health care reform by saying it will take away money from Medicare.

    Funny, how 80% of them voted for a proposal in April of this year to kill medicare and replace it with a fixed voucher system that would limit the amount of care seniors get and would be paid to private insureres.

    Who but the RNC would put out a manual that tells its lemmings how to stall a bill and prevent voting. Don't go with factual arguments, just stall.

    They say take your time.- They have been saying this since 1912.

    When those of you on these threads who are middle income lose your medical coverage if meaningful health care is not passed, will you still worship at the altar of the Right?

    Lemming Lore and Borg Minded.:cuckoo:
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