The "Stimulus" and the Bush and GOP Legacy

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    The "Stimulus" and the Bush and GOP Legacy
    News Type: Opinion — Mon Feb 9, 2009 8:21 AM ESTus-news, dennis-hastert, president-george-w-bush, pork-barrel-spending, 109th-congress, gop-fiscal-profligacyBill Harrison
    President Bush signing the Medicare Prescription Drug bill.

    "Duke" Cunnigham. He's in the jailhouse now (apologies to Webb Pierce).

    Former House Speaker Denny "That's No Highway to Nowhere That's a Highway to My Retirement" Hastert.
    advertisementCongressional Republicans are raising quite a ruckus over the spending portion of the economic stimulus legislation wending its way through the Congress but GOP bona fides in this area would be strengthened if they'd actually practiced what they now claim to preach when George W. Bush was president and the GOP controlled both of the legislative branches in the 109th Congress. Under President Bush, discretionary domestic spending soared brought on not only by the log-rolling porkfest of the 109th Congress but also by the largest expansion of federal entitlements since the passage in 1965 of the original Medicare legislation with the enaction of the Medicare Prescription Drug program signed into effect and promoted by President Bush in his first term. The costs of that program, long-term, are estimated to be some $8 trillion as pointed out by Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan economic advisor and an apostate from the GOP of the Bush era. Indeed, this fiscal profligacy on the part of Republicans is what led yours truly to turn in his RNC card in 2003 -- a card yet to be renewed by the way.

    Newsvine - The "Stimulus" and the Bush and GOP Legacy

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