Rep Issa On GMA: Potential GOP Moderate? (Really!)

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    Anyone knows that the Republicans did not win November 2, 2010, elections. The Senate is Liberal and Democratic. Senator-Elect Rand Paul is Libertarian, and not likely to shut down the U. S. Federal Government for 24 months. The Likely Senator-Elect from Alaska will likely mainly bring in enough rope: To Get the Newly intended job done, anti-Tea Party! The Governors and state legislatures taken over are facing bankruptcies, of their own, as well as in their neighborhoods!

    Then there was Rep Issa, GOP likely chair of something or another--Green Fees and Gimmes, maybe(?)--who actually got a lot of the Stimulus Spending problem, accurately stated! It was on an interview on GMA, November 8. It is really hard to fina a transcript of it, but one is below. It has been repeated on Los Angeles talk radio a lot!

    An Annoyed George Stephanopoulos Harangues GOP Rep to Recant Criticism of 'Corrupt' Obama |

    Toward the bottom paragraphs, Rep. Issa points out that saving a government job is not saving a "job," but is actually saving governments, (and teachers, aka, the other s.o.b'.s who caused it all)! That is actually: What happened. Again: This did not appear on Rant-Along-With-FoxTV-News, or apparently , on even the MSNB-TV shows. The Republican oversight chairperson-apparent, however, actually so-stated an accurate assessment of what happened!

    The ABC interviewer did not so-state. The Ivy League economists who caused it all have not so-stated. The Universities have not so-stated. The DNC has not so-stated. The White House has not so-stated. The Senate has not so-stated. The only likely rope that the Senate intends, is llikely for GOP v. Tea Party, as is usual.

    And so the California fellow went further. The saving of government is not the creation of a job, aka, a tax base. That is precisely where the Stimulus spending went wrong. It is the kind of "Corruption" of the laying up of treasures, in government: Where dust and moths corrupt absolutely, as opposed to legally. It now leaves that gaping hole, left unplugged by bailing out Medicaid and other such, preservative spendng.

    Schedule M and some trivial projects, including roofing outhouses in the California mountains, is about all that has been holding up the nose-diving economy to now. Where Rep. Issa comes from, in California, the state unemployment beneifts program is even out of money. The Fed is now having to rush in with QE2. Schedule M is set to expire, and is not being discussed, as is usual.

    Arnold knows how not to run a government! Mainly, his own delivery of the California Republican message was more intense, and dramatically stated, than was Meg Whitman's(?)!

    Big, Big Trap underway--not Arnold-level traps--is that Republicans now control state-houses that have no money!

    Rep. Issa is right. Not so-stated is that The Stimulus now needs the QE2 to generate lending that will generate transactions that will generate, state and local government sales and income taxes. In effect, Liberal Governor-Elect, Jerry Brown, can talk business with Rep. Issa, Republican from San Diego! The Moonbeamer famously does that, at any rate.

    That is not lunatic, but that in fact is moderate.

    A California Republican, even, actually did that!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (White Eyes Now Make Strange: Futon-Fellows(?)! Hmmm! Maybe At Least Bring, Separate Blankeys!)
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