Rep. Adam Schiff (D.-Calif.) Wages War on Prayer

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    Rep. Adam Schiff (D. - Calif.)

    Pray for us! That was the plea by text message and cell phone from the desperate victims of the San Bernardino, California terrorist attack. They had taken cover in locked offices, in fear for their lives. It is hard to imagine the level of terror they must have experienced.

    What is the first thing most people ask for when facing a life or death situation? Prayer! Why? Prayer works!

    Last night I was horrified to read a news story that reported liberals and a Representative from California are now waging a war on Prayer!

    Rep. Adam Schiff's (D.-Calif.) use of an Islamic terrorist attack in order to grandstand in public against the idea of prayer - even a moment of silence on the House floor - is highly insulting! The nerve of this man to take it upon himself to demand an end to the moment of silence on the House floor in order to stop those who pray from praying!

    Rep. Schiff complains that having this moment of silence (for prayer) has become a “ritual” on the House floor. Let him resign rather than raise an insurrection and seduce others to follow him.

    I'm a Christian with a response for Mr. Schiff:

    Rep. Adam Schiff,

    It is pitiful to hear of an elected official abusing his privilege to serve Californians, in order to wage a war on prayer. I understand that you list your religion on Wikipedia as Judaism and that you and your wife Eve, have two children. Why did you name your son after Elijah the prophet if you do not believe in prayer, Mr. Schiff? Are you raising your children to worship God or Baal?

    Perhaps you don't know about the prophet you named your own son after!

    Elijah was noted for his prayer life. Elijah did not have fellowship with the enemies of God. As a Hebrew, he refused any compromise with the enemy and chose to tough it out at a dirty little brook called Cherith. Cherith means the cutting place. I believe it denotes the circumcision of Elijah's heart by God (something you're in desperate need of).

    God sent Elijah to the Brook Cherith due to a drought that did span 3 ½ years even as your own State of California has. It was Elijah's prayer that ended the drought. Imagine the possibilities had you spent the same amount of energy praying to God rather than striving against Him and His people in the matter of protesting prayer on the House floor!

    You might own homes on both coasts and one in Israel as well, but without God I'd rather be the dirt under your shoes than in them.

    One thought about eternity and you should find yourself in utter misery – realizing your fate. Hell is real and you're sure to be in the hottest part of it for having sold your birthright in exchange for 15 minutes of fame as the man who became an enemy of God in order to attain the praises of men.

    You're war against prayer is an affront to God and those who serve Him, Sir!
    You are not striving against men but against God!

    You are not the only person in the House, Mr. Schiff. There are others who do pray and you should respect that and remain quiet while others on the House floor observe that moment of silence that you refuse to acknowledge.

    Who knows?
    Maybe they are praying for your stiff neck (Proverbs 1:34-21, 29:1).

    Sincerely, Mrs. M.
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    deep within the statistical brain!!
    What a bunch of horsecrap.

    Do you even inform yourself before writing this senseless drivel?
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    Prayer didn't work for the people at San Bernadino. Indeed, there is no proof prayer accomplishes
    anything much at all.

    What does the OP have against the First Amendment?

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