Reid visit wells ave in reno.

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    by halley » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:16:34
    Senator Harry Reid and Reno Mayor Bob Cashell tour Wells Avenue small businesses
    By Frank Mullen • • July 5, 2010

    In a prior Congressional earmark, Reid also secured $348,000 for the economic development of Wells Avenue, a project completed about six years ago.

    “You walk four blocks on Wells Avenue, and virtually every business is open,” Reid said. “That’s not the case in other places in Nevada. It feels good to see businesses open, but we know things are not good.”
    BUCKET OF S****.
    Reid and Reno Mayor Bob Cashell visited La Morenita, a music and DVD shop; Asi Es Mi Tierra Restaurant; El Mundo Latino, a Western wear store; and The Pepper Tree, a gift shop.
    Senator Harry Reid and Reno Mayor Bob Cashell tour Wells Avenue small businesses | | The Reno Gazette-Journal

    What the article failed to tell us is that the dozen blocks of Wells not many years ago were owned by Americans who had been here for years and now is totally owned and operated by Hispanics catering to Hispanics, legal and illegal.

    HAWC Medical and Dental clinic is on Wells and 95% of the patients are Hispanics and 85% of the employers.

    Countless bars are on the street. Drugs and gangs own the street and the area.
    The Mexican market is on Wells also and stands were a Raleys use to be.

    Hispanic business, with illegal aliens clients, drove others out of businesses. Businesses in other area are already closed and where was help for them?

    This left wing lunacy has got to stop.

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