Real Solutions for Effects of Global Warming.

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    I must concede, I cannot win my arguments so I concede, the oceans are rising.

    The only thing to do is come up with a solution, lets just forget spending money on Climate Research and spend the money solving the problem.

    There is only one thing to do, people need to drink more, if you like beer, drink more, if you like scotch, drink more scotch.

    If everyone drank more water and wasted more water we could reduce the level of water in the ocean.

    How about giant desalinization plants right on the ocean, Nuclear powered, (wind couldn't suck water through a garden hose let alone power a desalinization plant large enough to drop the level of the ocean.

    So this will have to be the worlds largest man made structure designed to clean and pump water.

    We could irrigate much more land, feed more people, who will drink more water, we could turn water into 20 year old Scotch, (which Old Crock drinks heavily, thanks for helping), that is 20 years before that water enters the environment again.

    No more water conservation, take long shower if your in a rural area and have your own septic system.

    Think how that giant Chinese Three Gorges Dam is helping, that stopped significant flow into the sea, saving us in the short term.

    Its time to start building dams to prevent the water from going in the ocean.

    Guys can do the most, piss on your lawn, not the toilet if you live in Los Angeles. Every time an Illegal Alien pees on a lawn in Los Angeles that is one toilet flush that is not raising the level of the ocean.

    If we can send a man to the moon we can drink ourselves out of this problem.

    Maybe in Los Angeles and Phoenix they can leave a window open in the summer releasing cold air, maybe we should put beer on ice, as the ice melts it makes us cold.

    Cold beer could save the world.

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