Reagan-Era Stockman & Clinton-Era Reich Do Economic Math!

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    CNN Sunday GPS offered a relatively cogent analysis of the current economic problem and direction of the United States. Reagan-era Budget Director, David Stockman, noted that spending is in paralysis at the consumer and business level already. Clinton-era Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, noted that spending is in paralysis at the consumer and business level already.

    Reich and Stockman offer advice on fixing economy and unemployment - National economic policy |

    S'Alright. So back in the box!

    The link shows that David Stockman is aware of the credit market. That is not a transcript of the actual dialogue, but a report. The Federal Government has a $14.0 tril. deficit--in the credit market. Businesses have an $11.0 tril. deficit, in the credit market. Stockman also said that Consumers have a $13.0 tril. deficit, in the credit market. There is also state and local government deficit, and other deficit: For a total of $52.0 tril.

    The Obama Stimulus actually addressed that with the Schedule M tax credit--a first ever, properly computed, Cost-of-Living Adjustment on a national scale. Other nations, and Social Security, use fixed percentage computing. The rich get richer. the poor get poorer. The financial community collapses. Greece Goes to Hell. Portugal goes to Hell. Ireland goes to Hell Spain Goes to Hell!

    Robert Reich did not say, "Repent! Repent! We're Going to Hell!" That would be USC business school agenda, and Harvard, and Yale, and wherever. Secretary Reich did note that Public Works now has to re-employ the construction worker unemployed. Youth unemployed could benefit from a Civilian Conervation Corps.

    These are what Keynes actually had in mind when the famous prescription for deficit spending was advanced. Schedule M was helpful in creating purchasing. Public Works are far more advanced at creating purchasing, and training, long-term prospects. State and Local Governments get revenue. The CCC of Roosevelt even required the youth employed to send money home--and not send it all to the drug dealers and electronic device manufacturers.

    FDR knew a thing or two about market economies: And the one and the same thing, kind of concept.

    Then finally, after the Ford Administrtation: David Stockman started to learn about the Total Credit Market!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great "Dutch" Father In Washington: Even Knew Tip O'Neil(?)! No golf happened. . .which is about. . .Scottish people(?), and trajectory beams, going up(?)!)
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