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    I can't believe the people of Ohio - fore bearers of this country that launched so many 200 years ago to build a democracy. You all hold the presidency in your hands. Yet a lot of you know not of Obama, to a lot in Ohio he is of celebrity status - he's cool, he is who you and your friends have coolness with - read his book people. He told you what he is about - to dismantle the structure of the US, the constitution is out of date , that he subscribes to hints of socialism. He has no understanding of , experience with, nor has shown a grasp of such a vast economy that the US holds, and yet after 4 years he has still yet to implement anything that resembles economical savy. I no more like Romney than most, but dammit use your common sense. He's a business man, he has corporations backing him, he is about making business work and making money. Obama hasn't a clue. Knows nothing about finance or business. I am a 50 yr old carpenter and a independent, and since Obama has been in office I have many friends and family struggling under Obama inadequacy as a leader. Please, even if you don't like romney Dont let this incompetent Obama supervise the economy for 4 more years. He says in his book what he needs to do to break that democracy down to rebuild a socialist society and he is fucking doing it. Wake the fuck up people!!!!
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