Re-evaluating my views on art and attempting an objective definition of art itself.

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    I have attempted to take a more detailed look at art in an effort to objectively define it. Instead of attempting to define the end product, I will begin by attempting to define the process itself, specifically its meaning and purpose. So far, I have come up with three categories, "Expression", "Inspiration", and "Enjoyment". I have also defined two categories that exist as side-effects of art, "Appreciation" and "Material".

    1. Expression - Means of communication
    A. Graphical Representation of objects. The concept is that a picture is "worth a thousand words".
    - First known examples are cave drawings. Pictures, videos, and Computer Generated Imagery are the current state of the art in this area.

    B. It is often said that art tells a story.
    - I have thought about this and have come to the conclusion that it is objectively true. In addition to the previously mentioned effect of a picture "being worth a thousand words", pictographic symbols were initially used on walls and clay tablets to convey further meaning. The symbols became more abstract over time and eventually developed into highly efficient alphabet based languages. Linguists and writers have long ago taken over progress in this area of art, linguists in terms of development and analysis of written language and writers in terms of practical application.

    2. Inspiration - Art is said to inspire creative thoughts.
    - How do we verify what problems are actually being solved in this manner? Does creating and/or viewing art actually help individuals solve meaningful problems such as devising algorithms or putting a puzzle together etc.? If so, how did it help and how do we verify this actually occurred?

    3. Enjoyment
    A. The result of art can be aesthetically pleasing.
    B. Art as a hobby - Some people enjoy making art.

    4. Appreciation
    A. Appreciation of the result of the art itself.
    B. Appreciation of the technical proficiency, creativity, and hard work necessary to create art.

    5. Material
    A. The product of the art.

    Everything listed in the category of "Expression" has verifiable meaning and purpose. The meaning and purpose of "Inspiration" is important in theory, except attempting to verify its existence appears impractical. The best way I can come up with to analyze "Enjoyment" and "Appreciation" is to measure the popularity and overall subjective assessment of various resultant objects and the artists that created them in order to construct a hierarchy of values in these areas. The "Material", or the end product of art, is of course to be evaluated according to its combined ratings of "Enjoyment" and "Appreciation".
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