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Discussion in 'Election Forums' started by infman4x, Sep 28, 2012.

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    from an old career soldier, i know our blood is one, im asking all you military folks active reserve or retired like me to rally for america and elect a president who will work for america and the people, not his own agenda, thats mitt romney. this wed at 7:pm on the west coast and im sure it will be around that time for other folks. you will see the heart, the concern and the common sense that has made him successful and he can do it for america.

    we need the republican base to vote, we need the help of the moderate democrats, we need the independents ,we need the christians, we need the catholics, we need all the people who want a strong america vs a poor america with problems like foreign countries you see on the news.

    we cannot expect the working 50 percent of america to cover for the 50 percent that do not contribute to society, it wont work. taxing and spending will not make a strong america, it will only continue to weaken us. we need more tax payers, not higher taxes.

    this obama crowd is taking away a little freedom all the time, just recently they are trying to pass a law that you cannot say anything offensive towards the muslim brotherhood, thats trying to change the first amendment right, freedom of speech. why do we have to change for foreigners that migrate here? this is america, brave men and women have died for what we believe in and we do not need to kiss up to any country that hates us or that wants to change america. if thats who they are, do not come here, keep your negative hatered, your riots/ fighting your unfair/ brutal treatment to women in your miserable country. no true religious people act like the demons we see on tv. thank you!
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    I agree completely.

    I'm SICK of the R ignoring the very real problems of our vets. They deserve so much more than the R is willing to give them.

    Our First Lady and our Second Lady are fighting FOR our vets, for their families and for their jobs and homes.

    OTOH, the R wants to take away their VA benefits and force them to use vouchers instead.

    I also agree with you that we cannot afford to go back to the pubpot TAX AND SPEND that put us into this hole.


    Latest figures say Obama has given us more than FIVE MILLION JOBS.

    GObP have refused to vote in favor of even one job.

    Not even one job.

    Romeny 1040
    Obama 1040
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    Portland, Ore.
    You are totally full of shit.:eusa_hand:

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