R. Lee Ermey: News and the War in his Words

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    I just got my new issue of FHM and there's a short column by R. Lee Ermey about not believing the news (not that we didn't know this already, but I thought it'd be cool to share what he said, I liked it alot).

    Since I don't know how I could find the article online I'm just going to type it out for you guys, here is the article:

    Don't Believe the News! By R. Lee Ermey

    When was the last time you saw a positive story on the news about what's going on in Iraq or Afghanistan? I watched a lot of media coverage before visiting over there, and if you asked me then how I thought the war was going, I'd have told you we were pissing in the wind. But nothing could be further from the truth. Go to Iraq and you'll see the U.S. building schools and orphanages and regularly sending doctors out to take care of these children. But all the media wants to tell you about is the bad stuff that's going on - not the good things we're doing in Iraq. And that's the terrorists' greatest recruiting tool. If all CNN ever talks about is America's eroding support for the war, the guys are going to think they're winning.

    There's nothing but negativity going on in the media. They hate George Bush. They do anything they can to tear him down and don't stop to think about this country rolling up its sleeves and getting the job done. All the media wants to do is the fight against the people who are trying to get the job done. Bush doesn't have an exit strategy? There's no such thing as an exit strategy while you're fighting a war. First the war must be won. Then you can start planning an exit strategy.

    I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. I'm an Independent. I voted for Clinton the first time around because I thought he was very sensible and he's a gifted speaker. I didn't vote for John Kerry, but had he won I would've gotten behind him 100 percent. I'd volunteer to do anything I could to help overcome the problems America faces right now. Why isn't everyone else like that?

    As far as the local police and military forces we're recruiting, they're volunteering faster than we can train them. We've got them lined up, and there's no end to the volunteer situation. We're training more Iraqis over there than we can capably train in boot camp here. Yet I turn on the TV and see Ted Kennedy talking about how we're not doing our job over there and not training these people. Then he talks about low troop morale. It pisses me off. I just got back from Iraq and the troop morale is through the roof. And I didn't see Ted Kennedy there, either. You want to know how to help boost morale? Pat our guys on the back and tell them to keep up the good work.

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