Question for Teabagger scum: Why did Briebart...

Discussion in 'Tea Party' started by Bass v 2.0, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Not post the full video in its full context showing the entire truth about Sherrod? If this was a case of out right racism, why did Briebart hide the rest of the video and post snippets? I'll tell you Teabagger scum why, that scum Briebart is playing on white fear and spreading the false message that all blacks in positions of power are reverse racists on a mission to pay back whitey and he's using that fear to garner more white voters into the Teabagger Party. Very few blacks will buy that retardology tactic, but Briebart thinks so less of whites that he actually believe it will work.

    Now will you Teabagger scum step up, be honest and do the right thing and rebuke that piece of scum as a race hustler?

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