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    What America is good at is building up poor nations with our hard earned tax dollars. Our current means of nation destruction is using our military, and it isn't nation building per say, in the sense that any good come from it. In any event that is the only thing America seems good at doing, but as an investment it has no returns.

    So instead I suggest a means of investment for WE THE PEOPLE that will have a return, and a massive return at that. I devised this plan in 1990, called the Revised Marshall Plan, RMP). Instead of giving all foreign aid to a country that is known to be abused, the American people form their own rebuilding enterprise run by out government, not our corporations (even though they will play a role.) 50% is given to the country, and 50% is used by the RMP inside that country.

    The originating funds will come from the treasury & will be repaid, so the RMP is solvent and stands on it's own. The profits (from countrys/and montary disembursements used) from this enterprise, for the most part will be returned to the citizens annually to offset any income taxes from the RMP account run by RMP members, not government. This will be WE THE PEOPLE's enterprise.

    When dealing with foreign aid you find out these countries pay less interest payments on their loans, than you can get on your best day from a US bank. he RMP fixes the interest rate at the market interest rate. In other words, the RMP takes over the lending of foreign aid to countries, based on congress approval, and the countrys pay interest on the entire loan until the debt is paid (The 50% we withhold+the 50% they use).

    There is no forgiveness of loans as our government generously does for countrys now. And the RMP loan has to be secured with appraised land from the borrowing country. We hold the deed until the loan is repayed.

    The RMP will take the 50% of the countries funds and use it to improve the secured land of the borrower. The money will be put into script to be spent locally and on US materials needed to improve the infrastructure.

    All materials used in the secured land will come from American businesses, delivered by the US Navy & Merchant Marines.

    All labor will come from American lower class & middle class citizens wishing to work in the RMP, in a country of their choice. All their expenses will be paid from the RMP. This allows American citizens to intermingle among foreigners for the benefit of America.

    The Army Engineers will do the major construction of the secured land, while the Settlers will be given 20 acre plots that they will build homes on and make improvements to these plots (roads/wells/electricity/sewers). Each RMP secured land will have a US base & airport & where possible docking facilities. Stores etc. will be run by the government as well.

    At the conclusion of the loan, when the borrowing country repays the loan, they repay it based on a new appraisial. This money goes back to the RMP enterprise. The Settlers are paid a % of the improvements to the land, to either come back and use in America, or select another borrowing country to build in. They will have first choice of countries.

    And any citizens who willfully drop out of the RMP, we not be allowed to work there again.

    I think this is do-able. I think this would clear out our homeless problems, and boost US businesses. Key is keeping congress's & corporate fingers out of the RMP.

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