Pushing air out of a balloon

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    A woman is sitting at the dining table reading a magazine when her small boy walks up and asks her a question.

    “Mommy, I went in yours and daddy’s room last night and you and daddy were naked and you were up on daddy’s belly just a bouncing up and down. What were you and daddy doing mommy?”

    The woman is stunned and speechless for a moment…how do you respond to such a question from your child? She soon comes up with a good explanation, “It’s like air in a balloon, your daddy’s belly has been getting big lately, and I was pushing it back down…just like pushing air out of a balloon. She smiles to reassure the little boy in hopes that the whole episode will be completely forgotten, but the boy gets an even more puzzled look on his face, “That’ll never work mommy…everyday when you leave another woman comes over here and blows daddy right back up again.”

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