Pundit Notes That Tepid Job Growth Is Result Of GOP Plan--Not Obama's Plan Last Year!

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    Romney-Ryan is Dangerous for the World Economy, In fact. Economics "Out In The Middle Of Nowhere" will not likely work even Worldwide, either.

    In the link, everyone is now blaming Obama for the tepid job-growth. In the link, that is a result of the GOP plan of last year. GOP did not pass the Obama Plan. Rep. Ryan was on CNBC just hours ago noting a federal failure of fiscal policy. Anyone can gather, from the link, that he personally owns the failure!

    The American Jobs Act -- One Year Later - The Maddow Blog

    Romney and the Mrs. are all about federally assisted "sucess," which is how the "Reagan Trajectory" works. Kids get educated via the government. Goods and Services get transported on government created and maintained roads. Major Contractors, get federal funding for various projects. Sub-contracting happens. Anyone has to guess that even famous Staples, would prosper. Paper clips they know a lot about.

    In the "Strangelove Address," the Mrs. alluded to the success over and over again. It is nowhere reported, even, if he actually tried to slap Queen Elizabeth in the face, in London, or not. The enormity of the disaster these kinds of people created will soon be on radar, from four years ago! Lehman Collapsed, the market caved. TARP happened.

    Rep. Ryan clearly did vote for TARP. It gave a lot of money to the already prosperous--doing Bain Capital kinds of business.

    Romney-Ryan are running on that as their agenda. That they tout as the kind of business model they want running the United States! It is already shown to not be viable. "Niche Market Only" funding does not work. The market inclusive, has to be funded.

    Personally, especially Ryan: The Ryan-Romney team did not do the Obama-Biden jobs program of just a year ago!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many may wonder if now anyone can. "Call a Spade, a Spade(?)!" Maybe call "Disaster," "Romney-Ryan" instead(?)!)
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