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    Robert A. Pape
    Professor of Political Science, The University of Chicago

    There are two sides to every debate. It is both fair to question whether or not there are things we do that add to the incidences of terrorism. At the same time there are bad people who just want to do bad things.

    It’s like lung cancer – most virulent terrorism. We are making more terrorism.

    Suicide terrorism is not an Islamic phenomenon, but is more closely tied to occupation.

    Victories occur in Afghanistan when the locals fight back.

    The US is losing power in the Middle East. We need to totally change our foreign policy in that area. Pursuing regional hegemony is a fools errand.

    How would terrorists get a bomb? How would terrorists get the people and stuff to/make a bomb? What would terrorists do with it?

    Donald Rumsfeld once proposed that the best metric of success was whether we were killing more terrorists than we were creating. By this metric, the War on Terror has been a failure. Suicide terrorism has increased more than ten-fold during the WoT, most of which has been directed against the U.S.

    CPOST - Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism
    Nova | Seeking innovative solutions to problems of International Security and Terrorism


    Hezbollah first emerged in 1982 as a militia in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

    Hezbollah has not been involved in any suicide bombing since Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000.

    Occupation is the trigger for Hezbollah suicide bombings. After US, Israeli and France withdrawal, suicide bombing did not follow them home.

    Suicide bomber don’t want just to go to heaven. It is “blatant occupation” and not presence. IF we leave they will not follow because they have won their country back.

    Terrorism was created by US foreign policies.

    With the surge came more suicide attacks and lessen as we withdraw.
    We are producing more anti-American terrorist thane we are killing.

    There were no suicide attack in Iraq before the US invasion and then they were Sunni and we paid Sunni $300 each to stop killing us. No Shiite suicide bombers.

    90% of Afghanistan National are suicide bombers. Their government and way of life are threatened.
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