Progressive liberalism at work: Tyrannical local politics

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    Tyrannical government:
    The Post and Courier - Town moves toward widening - Charleston SC -
    Gestapo-like neighbor snitching:
    The Post and Courier - Neighbors on prowl for car-tax dodgers - Charleston SC -

    I wanted to discuss two local examples here in Charleton of big-government progressivism and the tyrannical light activities, which are a shocker here in the South, although we have cities trickled throughout the like Ashville NC, Atlanta GA that are whacko liberal havens.

    Well, the two stories above are horrifying examples. Let me start with the first and worst one. The suburb of Charleston, Mount Pleasant I think the name is, is condemning some land that a historically black church owns. Why? Well, sprawl has led to a wealthy suburb that expands miles out into what was once former slave settlements. These lower class black neighborhoods have been around for centuries, long before the wealthy suburb moved in. As the suburb grew, traffic overwhelmed the highway, US Highway 17. They want to expand it to 6 lanes because the locals are whining about traffic, although it was only a 4 lane road when they moved there.

    Well, the government made an offer to the black church for the land. The church respectfully said no. It was their land, their history, and they could deal with the traffic if it meant losing their land was the only other option. So, the city condemned the land and are taking it. Why was it condemned? Well, who knows. It's dirt, grass and trees. There is no danger to the public, so why was it condemned? The same city also condemned a CVS pharmacy and a bank, both new buildings with no public safety concern. Imminent domain I suppose. But basically, the business thing is one thing. The historic black church's land is another. The big government mentality is "We overgrew, you were in the way, you won't give up your property, so we're taking it."

    And they wonder why the Tea Party is concerned? If that can happen in little ole Charleston......

    The 2nd one is shorter but just as bad. Another suburb of Charleston has an online service for citizens to snitch on their neighbors. Turns out there is a loophole in SC law that allows a person to avoid vehicle property tax if they have an out-of-state tag. So, like the Gestapo, the city government is encouraging folks to turn in their neighbors who have out of state tags so the government can investigate them to see if they are permanent residents or not, and get dem gubbermint tax dolla's from 'em.

    You moron lefties will never understand that big government is a slippery slope.

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