Progressive Democrats and liberals have a severe case of Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis

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    It appears an epidemic of epic proportions has hit the progressive Democrat Party and progressive liberal movements, it's causing property damage, the stymieing of free-speech, and massive political and economic strife.

    The Center for Disease Control, The World Health Organization and top Proctoligist around the globe have yet to identify the malady—and it's spreading rapidly throughout the mainstream media and college campuses. But I believe I have Identified the root cause of the epidemic.

    The affliction hitting the progressive Democrat Party and progressive liberal movement is called Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis. What is Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis? Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis is an arched (forward) curvature of the spine. When viewed from the side, an average Americans spine will show a small degree of swayback, a forward curvature of the spine. When a progressive with Anal-Cranial-Inversionitus is viewed from the side or front, the curvature of the spine is so sever it appear as if their head is up their ass—in 92% of cases an anal breach has occurred.

    Symptoms of Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis; talking out of your ass, an inability to hear what others have to say, always having to be right, a disdain for others political or economic views, and verbally or physically attacking people with different political or economic views. In rare cases sufferers reported seeing America as total shit—if left untreated this will become permanent.

    Those with highest reported cases of Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis include, career politicians, college professors, people in the news industry, late night television hosts, misguided college students, Hollywood celebrities, music celebrities, and anyone holding extreme left-wing political or economic views.

    Warning: Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis is an airborne pathogen, it's spread though progressive Democratic Party and progressive liberal far-left rhetoric. Prolonged exposure to the Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis virus may cause you to become infected, if this happens you are now deemed an asshole by the progressive Democratic Party and progressive liberal movement. And once you become infected (deemed an asshole) you now become part of the problem—this is the progressives primary objective, misery loves company.

    If you have a friend or loved one infected with the Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis virus never engage in political or economic conversations with them, this will get you labeled a fascist, racist, bigoted, homophobic, sexist, and xenophobic person—or a lot worse. And if you happen to stumble into a political or economic conversation with a random person infected with Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis virus change the topic of conversation immediately, or run like hell from them as you may be physically assaulted.

    This is a story in progress and as I learn more about the Anal-Cranial-Inversionitis virus I promise to keep you updated, until then may God be with you and God bless America.
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