Pro-Bush-Cheney, Rep. Ryan, Imaginary About Economy--Same Store Sales Surge!

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    Mostly it is being noted that Rep. Paul Ryan probably drinks too much, with astonishing trouble doing accurate fact reporting. Mostly, Holy Communion is thought to be a consecrated event. It is not thought to be, "Margaritas Pitchers, On The House," of the "Tea Party" chamber where Rep. Paul Ryan comes from.

    In contrast with the Bush-Cheney policies that Romney-Ryan want put back in place, Obama-Biden-Bernanke economic reality shows that the Private Sector is doing even More Fine than it was a few months ago.

    The Democratic Party version of "The Surge," has arrived even further, with Back-To-School sales surging, way above estimates, and over last year!

    The Contrast with that, from Romney Personally, is to put the people back into chains, with mainly Wall Street Unchained! Anyone's mortgages will never be found, even to be refinanced, ever again! No more spending in the stores will ever happen anytime soon!

    Retailers report strong gains for August, delivering stores a decent back-to-school season - The Washington Post

    "Back-To-School" is sales-season two, after year-end.

    Rep. Ryan has long opposed customers, actually spending in neighborhood stores. Sending money to the already prosperous only: Is the "Romney-Ryan-Back-To-Bush-Cheney-Ronald=Reagan Brand".

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many see answer to Final Solution Of Presbyterian Question, "Where Is All This Money Going To Come From?!" Spending, Spending, Spending--even paying people to dig a lot of holes, and even more people to fill them back up!)

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