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    are two different plans serving two different level of incomes. Private run HC for those that can afford it and government run HC for those who cannot afford private HC and neither should cancel out the other.
    If someone who can afford private run HC should want to opt out for government run HC is not guaranteed it will be cheaper, so why would they opt out of private run HC?
    Government run HC ,like Medicare, is determined by income as of how much it cost and how much services is determined by a Medicare Advantage plan. There is no reason to believe government run HC plan would be any different except for a Medicare Advantage Plan.
    Everyone will not pay the same premium, depending on income. With private run HC, everyone pays the same for the same services. For example, everyone who works for a private business will not have the same income but will all pay the same premiums for the same services.
    With government run HC, no matter what you pay, depending on your income, everyone gets the same service.
    There is no way government run HC would cancel out private run HC.
    Public options do not need to be in the government run HC plan because it do not apply to either those that can afford private run HC or cannot afford private run HC because government run HC will cover them anyway. Take it out of the bill and change the eligibility rules to qualify for government run HC.
    If you loose your jobs, income changes, you have government run HC to fall back on.
    Private run HC serves one purpose and government run HC serves the other.
    Those who can afford private run HC should not be able to opt out for government run HC.
    Government run HC should be determined by income.
    To cover everyone, government will have to subsidize some, but private run HC will not subsidize those who cannot afford their coverage when they lose their jobs.
    We have to have government run HC but we do not have to have a public option if income levels are considered.
    Cost of government run HC should not be a problem considering what we are spending on the wars and giving to other countries.
    Right -wingers plan of HC is to have private HC to cover all, subsidized by the government is not looking out for the taxpayers but looking out for private HC providers.

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