President Obama's Theatrical Fan Dancing Conceals Real Gun Problem

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    President Obama's Theatrical Fan Dancing Conceals Real Gun Problem​



    Neither the media,nor prominent liberal whites, or African Americans will address the actual problem with those people responsible for the vast majority of gun killings on the streets of our large Democrat cities.Nearly 500 street homicides has given Chicago murder capital status, and most of it is black on black murder, yet Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Chicago's Jesse Jackson turn deaf ears and blind eyes to the killings while traipsing off to Washington D.C. to lobby against easy access to guns and ammunition for the majority of America's non killing firearm owners - outside of Chicago.

    We have not heard the term "angry black" in comparison to "white racist" for good reason. As one local African American columnist wrote, "We don't want to air our dirty laundry." IOW they refuse to take their aim off of their hatred for whites, because it detracts from the real problem - black racism.

    President Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Chris Matthews have made it abundantly clear that white people have been the root cause for everything wrong in the black neighborhoods. In Akron, a long standing black city councilman ,who gained political prominence through the years by playing the race card, admitted that, "We have a lot of black crime because of the lack of jobs." However, the same jobless youth rarely show up for school, yet he insists they would work, steadily for minimum wage - if jobs were available. President Obama and the Progressives have made it far more tempting not to work.

    These are the people to whom Obama has guaranteed to be endowed with wealth taken from other people. Liberals, like the President, have not at all encouraged black youth to be industrious, as George Washington Carver and other brilliant blacks have, as prominent liberal African Americans have become models for the young black ethic to be as angry and thuggish as themselves.

    When President Obama bullies from the bully pulpit , his expressions are felt throughout the poorer communities and they become encouraged and further justified in staying mad at "the man." Unfortunately, the anger translates into hateful attitudes that are expressed against one another, black against black, in the hoods, primarily.

    As a former Sunday School teacher in a black church, I can attest that Martin Luther King, although an exceptional rallier, and not as subversive as ACORN organizers, was not a good example as a man of the cloth. I refer to MLK's close friend Reverend Ralph Abernathy's book, "And The Walls Came Tumbling Down," which is highly critical of Martin Luther King's personal life. Jesse Jackson, admittedly, also followed the path of least resistance - to women - as MLK. Notwithstanding, I know, and have known, many black ministers, who have been fine examples and shepherds of their flocks, while not receiving any props from the general black, secularized, church population.

    Even First Lady Michelle Obama's eye rolling incident at John Boehner, recently, non discreetly emphasizes a disrespect that is obvious.​

    It was postulated years ago that blacks cannot be hateful, biased, prejudiced, or bigoted because, they "Don't have the power." This logic has forever filtered down and soaked into academia and all of modern liberal zeitgeist, and has been used very successfully in casting those people who "cling to their Bible and guns," as the bigots. We are all too aware now that anyone who constantly castigates whites as THE racists, venomously hate them, and, indeed, are themselves angry racists.

    Worse of all, younger blacks have been convinced by their elders, which have profited from years of race-baiting - that they should carry on the banner of anger and injury (for slavery -150 years ago, and current discrimination - mostly imaginary) so that they, too,may be compensated through socialist Democrat policies, which threaten to "even out the playing field" by taking from everyone richer than them. Google "South Africa Transfers Farm Ownership From Whites To Blacks." Also, Google "More Whites Killed" and "Food Shortage In South Africa." All for the liberal endorsed cause of affirmative action.


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