President Obama, the gift that just keeps giving

Discussion in 'Politics' started by RetiredGySgt, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Lets see.

    He is actively trying to black list an entire news organization. And in the past has demanded that reporters submit questions to him for approval BEFORE they can ask any. He has blacklisted reporters that ask him to tough questions.

    He will double the Deficit in 4 years. He is currently spending so much that 50 cents of every dollar spent is borrowed. With no end in sight as he asks for more and more costly programs.

    He is raping Medicare to try and scare seniors into supporting his Socialized medicine scams for all Americans. He wants to invoke a fine for anyone that does not have Health insurance. He wants to have the Government take over health care in this Country.

    He waffles on Afghanistan, one day supporting it, the next not. He has even stated he does not want us to "win" in Afghanistan , that the goal is not to win. He refuses to follow the advice of his own Generals while claiming that Afghanistan is crucial to the US. He supports a bill that robs Billions from the defense budget for Senators personal pet projects.

    He wants another bail out. After demanding no one read the last one and that it was so crucial it had to be signed with out time to read it ( then waiting four days to sign it himself) he wants another huge bail out. The last bail out is so full of pork and hand outs as to boggle the mind but he wants another one. He insisted that last bail out would keep unemployment below 8 percent, we are now just short of 10 percent unemployment. He used the last one to gut the Auto Industry and shower gifts on the Unions that voted for him. He used the last one to take over banks and demonize pay arrangements of LEGAL binding contracts. And he wants another bail out.

    He has stated he wants us to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with while appointing kooks, crazies and idiots to high office. And he surrounded himself with Wright and Ayers and ACORN before running for President, but we are to forget those.

    And then there are the koolaid drinking groupies that support him no matter what he does. As he fails to live up to a single promise he made. As he sinks the White House and this administration into the most secretive in years while claiming his would be the most open and forthright administration ever. He pays lawyers to hide his and his wife's past. His appointees are a bunch of tax dodging socialist kooks.

    Now what have I forgotten?
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    Death Counseling.

    On a side note gunny - I just got a laugh out of someone who thought GySgt mean Gay Sergeant.

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