Predators - 2010 Movie

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    It's not a classical remake, because in the film is referenced "Arnie's" movie with the Special Forces team in Nicaragua jungle. More to say would be big spoiler, but location of the movie is important part of story.

    The lead charachter of film is Adrien Brody, which is very unusual as he played more the sensual women-targeting roles. In this film, he has guns, knifes and mud in his face. And he plays realisitc, Bravo.
    Laurence Fishburne also plays in movie, but a minor role. (Maybe 15 minute of the story)

    The story is very good, no idiot shooting film, but action is abundant.
    The end of movie is open for another movie.
    IMDB rating is 7.0.
    Go watch it.
    Predators (2010)

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