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    Bleh. It was everything I thought it would be, for better or worse. See, my friends wanted to see it, and I had absolutely nothing else to do last night, so I went.

    Lots of action, I guess. Suspenseful, except if you've ever seen an action movie before, you've got a pretty good idea who's going to live and die. The special effects were surprisingly unimpressive, it felt like a movie from the late '90s. I think I would love to see a big action movie like this that uses absolutely no CGI. That's kind of what kills me on these things, you know that 90% of what you're watching is just computer generated, so there's no connection to it. It's like watching a cartoon.

    But, that said, a lot of stuff blows up and it wastes no time with stuff like character development, so it was an adequate diversion for an hour and a half.

    I've never seen the original, can't compare them.

    And I owe dmp an apology. While I don't mind a gay character in a movie, Richard Dreyfuss's overly femme gay character was just retardedly distracting. During one extremely suspenseful moment, his character is simply standing there, waving his hands like a housemaid who just saw a mouse, going "oooohhhhh!! ooohhhhhh!!!" None of the characters were really fleshed out or anything, but he was such a walking stereotype it really took me out of the movie.

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