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    the great! thing about the debate, was it was harder for obama to use his scare tactics and false statements. i believe mitt romney actually exposed/ educated the public in cases the real obama.

    there is two sides to obama: the smiley jovial fellow telling the people what sounds great! to them, oh hes for the little people/ common people, not those terrible! rich people. the naive unaware swallow this hook line and sinker, this is coming from the president surely its the truth. then the slanted left wing news media continues to confirm this bias corruption.

    the real truth on some points of this president is one he intentionally wants to divide the country as part of his dictatorship to socialism, then into communism. there is a video out from 07 and o8 showing him speaking to a black group of folks, telling them that the gov. does not like them? why would you say that? is that not dividing the country? then in o8 he speaks to a mixed group of people where he uses his friendly words and charm. one group he speaks in street draw and the other in normal english?

    you cant build a strong country by growing government and creating dependency for folks. these dependent folks only take and do not contribute to the country, its like having a bucket with a small leak, you have to continue pouring water into it, same with dependent folks. you feed them money, but you get nothing in return. yes its obvious that 12 to 15 percent need assistance, but not the great! percentage we have today folks. you could not get any more people on assistance if you tried? maybe thats it.

    obama never accepts responsibility for any of his failures? you never hear a dictator accept failure, they claim to be perfect! the naive people buy into this.

    the civil unrest in the middle east has been covered up in instances, lately exposed! why not tell the people the truth? he want folks to believe the middle east is under control with his policies and he does not want to get hurt in the election.

    the constitution, why would a leader of the people of the u. s. want to go around and try to amend the constitution? it is in his way for the america he wants.

    we want freedom here in america, we want continued freedom of speech, we do not want the gov. controlling our lives or stripping our rights. just like obamacare you will be controlled by the gov. controlling people by dictatorship does not work if you go by the constitution? think about this folks.

    folks, its about we the people not we the government? you always here about gov. money, its not gov. money its tax payers money furnished to the gov.

    did we vote on obamacare? did the majority of americans want it? this is dictatorship at its finest. with this healthcare, you will not get quality care, you will lose doctors, but this all plays into socialism first, dependency and control. lets get our america back together, lets not let america fall into a poor third world country with violence and kaos. thank you!
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    Good post.

    I think you're gonna hear the Super Pacs slam him just when it's right about how he has essentially tried to behave like a despot monarch.

    Obama does not even want to talk to Republicans....after all, everybody who has a brain likes him....right ?

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    The First Debate: Mitt Romney's Five Biggest Lies | Politics News | Rolling Stone

    1. "I don't have a $5 trillion tax cut."

    2. "I will not reduce the taxes paid by high-income Americans."

    3. "We've got 23 million people out of work or [who have] stopped looking for work in this country."

    4. Obamacare "puts in place an unelected board that's going to tell people ultimately what kind of treatments they can have."

    5. "Pre-existing conditions are covered under my plan."

    But, by God, Romney is gonna get Big Bird. What a victory that will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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