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Discussion in 'Immigration/Illegal Immigration' started by LilOlLady, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Obama said in he State of the Union speech that we should give those who “play by the rules” legal status. Those who “play by the rules” are those in Mexico, etc waiting in line to enter this country legally. Those who are here, 12 million, have not played by the rules. They are breaking all the “rules” when they entered this country by ignoring our rules, by working illegally, by using stolen or false identifications, by not paying their share of taxes. etc. Those are not the ones “playing by the rules” and I do not want them as my neighbors. They should not be rewarded with legal status. American citizenship is not for sale for a measly $5,000. Citizenship is “earned” by playing by the rules.
    There is no way of knowing if they are really who they say they are or if they have a criminal record here or in Mexico,etc. Those that have criminal records are not going to come forward and apply for legal status anyway. How are we going to find them or will they continue as they have? Many without criminal records to not want to become citizens. Many that were given amnesty in 1986 have never learned English or applied for citizenship.
    A $5,000 fine, learn English and go the back of the line here and not in Mexico,etc and standing in line at the welfare office for all the benefits their anchor babies qualify for is all they want. If they are here, having anchor babies, they are ahead of the line already. Enjoying the fruits of our country while those “plays by the rules” wait in poverty.
    Those who do not play by the rules are “rewarded” with legal status while those who play by the rules are “punished” by having to wait to enter this country legally. Where is the incentive to “play by the rules”? If you do not play by the rules and enter this country illegally, you can stay and be rewarded? Obama, where is the logic in all this?
    How do you spell “path to citizenship”? A-M-N-E-S-T-Y.

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