Pink for a Girl and Blue for a Boy..Not Always

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    I was reading an article recently,it stated that the colours for babies up until 1926 in Britain, were infact the reverse colour tones for boys and girls.!!!!

    Boys were called Knave boys and girls,Gay girls,...I often wondered why the soccer team I played for in England,although today play in a Blue and White strip,between 1895 and 1914 played in Pink and Pale Grey shirts,half pink,half grey vertically,grey shorts and pink stockings.!!!

    These colours originated in the 17th Century apparently.I have looked into this and found many early soccer/football strips contained pink...The Wanderers,New Brighton Tower and many more,also many Rugby clubs of the era.

    Maybe some American sporting clubs/teams also wore Pink in those days,I remember I think in Golf somewhere in the States the winner is given a Pink Jacket...but it maybe in England...I do know that the Winner of the Giro De Italia,Italys equal to the Tour De France cycle race......the leader of the race always wears the Pink Jersey as opposed to the French Yellow Jersey.

    Its strange that things we think are sacrosanct,often have a totally different origin...just saying...steven :cool:

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