Pilgrim's Journey To Enjoy His 2nd Ammendment Rights in Massachussetts

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    Well this weekend I took the first step in the multi-step process you must take in my state, Massachussetts, to legally own and posess a gun.

    I took the State Police approved gun safety course. It costs $150.00 and basically you spend a few hours going over the basics of guns and gun safety. I passed the course and then the instructor took us shooting for a little bit.

    Now that i've got my safety certificate I have to go to the police station and apply for an appointment for an interview.

    Once I get the appointment and am interveiwed by the local police officer who does it (another $100.00 for an appointment fee) and they decide if I can get a liscesnse and what type of restrictions it will or will not have. If they deny me I do NOT get back that 100 bucks.

    After that I can buy a gun and enjoy my constitutional right to posess a firearm without violating my state's laws.

    They dont make it cheap or easy but still, in this very liberal state, you can get a gun permit if your willing to jump through the hoops.

    I plan on gettin a full liscense with no restrictions. I may already have a few guns kicking around but at least after liscensing I wont get arrested for having them :).

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