People's Reaction to Polls are Usually More Interesting than the Polls

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nodoginnafight, May 17, 2012.

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    Some folks say we live in the "Information Age." But I believe we live in the "Disinformation Age" - especially in terms of politics.

    Finding a news outlet, a website, or a pollster that is biased - but whose bias reflects yours - makes it all too easy for a person to cocoon up in a make-believe world where everyone always agrees with you and everyone shares your biases.

    Two potential problems with that make-believe world is that you are never challenged to think critically about your views and so you never learn or grow as a human being and, secondly, you are often floored when yuou are smacked in the face by reality.

    With almost six months left in the presidential election, it's obvious that polls (especially individual polls and even poll averages to some extent) are of limited valued in predicting an eventual outcome.

    But you can sure tell a lot about a person by which polls they gravitate to. And to which new outlets and websites they quote.

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