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    If it's going to be anything like airhead America, I've got a headache just thinking about listening to it...:smoke:

    November 01, 2006
    Brendan Daly/Jennifer Crider

    Pelosi: House Democrats Hit the Airwaves for New Direction Radio Day
    Washington, D.C. – House Democrats are hitting the airwaves today for New Direction Radio Day with more than 50 Members participating in more than 80 interviews on radio shows across the country.

    “This week, we have seen yet more reminders of why President Bush and the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress are out of touch with everyday Americans,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, whose office organized New Direction Radio Day. “Iraq is nearing chaos and October was the fourth deadliest month in the war for U.S. troops. The NATO Commander in Afghanistan says he does not have enough troops to win against the Taliban and al-Qaeda and twice last week, the President renewed his efforts to privatize Social Security. The American people want and deserve change in their leadership in Washington.”

    Highlights include:

    News radio in local markets including Buffalo/Rochester, Detroit, West Palm Beach/Miami, and Portland, among many, many others.
    African American Talk Shows such as Joe Madison, The Bev Smith Show, “Inside Detroit”, as well as Latino Shows including NPR’s Latino USA.
    National shows including The Ed Schultz Show, the Al Franken Show, the Thom Hartmann Show, the Bill Press Show, and others.
    Radio markets all over the country will be flooded with Democratic Members getting out the message that Democrats are offering a New Direction for America. This New Direction begins with a commitment to civility, integrity, and fiscal responsibility by draining the swamp of corruption in Washington, D.C. and breaking the link between lobbyists and legislators. Democrats will make our nation safer by implementing the recommendations of the independent, bipartisan 9/11 Commission; make our economy fairer by raising the minimum wage and fixing the Medicare prescription drug program, putting seniors first by allowing the federal government to negotiate for lower drug prices.

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