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    You ever want to know where the kid get his mouth? His parents, i was doing a baseball fall ball game 9-10 years old i believe. 2 hr limit so i got to have a wide strike zone.

    Anyways pitchers didn't like my calls his were all over the place not enough for me to call a stirke you can see his attitude and reaction. (i wouldn't deal with it if it was not fall ball) Coach did try to calm him down, Though don't think that work.

    I call a strike three on the batter a dad goes and says "you suck" i yell at him for swearing in front of the kids. unacceptable granted most kids know the word. So he walks away.

    Than i got a coach coming out when the ball alive and the ball is still in play cause you ask for time does not mean you get to be granted right away. you got to wait for play to end.

    He goes "whatever" i already talk to the guy who runs fall ball and he knows what happen.

    btw i used firefox spelling so sorry if you have trouble reading.

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