Papa Obama writes letter to Kim Jong Il or Needs more information on Special Noodle

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    Papa Obama writes letter to Kim Jong Il or Needs more information on Special Noodle ?


    This is most exciting news today!

    While it has been reported that Papa Obama has written Kim Jong Il , the contents of the letter are not being released:

    The existence of the letter has been closely held, with the administration insisting to its partners in disarmament talks with North Korea that it not be publicly discussed. State Department and White House officials confirmed this week that envoy Stephen W. Bosworth delivered a letter from Obama for Kim, but they declined to describe its contents.

    However, from our past "communications" with North Korea, we here at the state approved Ministry of Propaganda believe that Papa Obama may be seeking more information on the Special Noodle

    Saturday, August 30, 2008

    Barack Hussein Obama and the North Korean "Special Noodle" or Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ?


    Good news comrades! Our Most Great Leader, has met and formed a committee with North Korean representatives as he promised he would do to discuss 'transitional socialist programs' for after he wins the election. The main topic was possible food shortages and famines. Our Most Great Leader has decided after much thoughtful deliberation and consultation with our socialist friends that in the event of a food shortage under his administration we will go with their newest invention- The Special Noodle. Initially, at the meeting with the North Koreans the concept of 'soylent green' was touted as a possibility but we would only use that in the worse case scenario. While the "soylent green" option is attractive for its 'green friendly' aspects of recycling and using less resources and complements our plan for socialist style physician assisted suicide , it was felt by the review committee that the U.S. is not quite ready to digest such a concept in the first four year plan of Barack Hussein Obama. No, the committee felt it best to save it for the second term where it would be more palatable because of increased exposure to socialism and increase desperation for food.

    As we all know comrades, once a more complete socialist government is put into place food production starts to diminish to nothing eg, Soviet Ukraine , North Korea, China, etc. Unfortunately, the Chinese have reverted to capitalistic measures to increase food production with some success; of course, we in the U.S. look to move forward in our socialist experiment not go back (Mao would not be happy with our Chinese comrades).

    Now some would argue the decrease in food production is a sign of failure in the socialist concept but that could not be further from the truth. It is caused by the remaining capitalistic countries in the world that use and waste all the resources to produce useless things for the petty bourgeoisie like cars, TVs, and over rated foodstuffs like meat and fruits. Granted the U.S. produces food for the whole world but at what cost? Other countries have to beg and pay for this food which only makes the U.S. more dependant on capitalism and brings shame to our socialist brothers who have to buy it. NO- our way is better. Under our new and improved socialist system we will reduce our use of resources through taxation and lack of use so the world can have more to use . Why should we live in fancy homes and have luxuries when our Most Great Leader's own half brother lives in a hut. ? Indeed the Most Great Leader's call for a global tax on the U.S. where the money is given to the U.N. is the best socialist idea for promoting his vision and redistributing our wealth.

    Comrades, the future is ours! It may be fought with challenges but if we use 'our noodle' then nothing can stop us!
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