palin's daughter fools democrats

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    i moved this because i'm afraid that some people aren't sure about who's supposed to do what when on their knees, which i never really thought about till vanyank dropped in on the thread when it was in politics, and got it relegated to rr, which is fine, some of the greastest work on this board is in the RR. another rash and unjust ruling by the threadmasters

    bristol palin brings democratic party to it's knees !!!


    in a carefully constructed plot to disassemble the democratic party. young bristol palin (daughter of sarah palin) was able to continue with "dancing of the stars".
    she was able to singlehandedly render all democrats miserable with a complicated conspiracy to win the gameshow.
    when contacted about the events, expert rush limbaugh commented that "democrats are seriously upset to see the palins enjoying themselves in life". mr. limbaugh both watched the entire show and voted for miss palin (the daughter).
    the learning channel. announced today that in another element of the scandal, and of the conspiracy was the "sarah palin's alaska" a new t.v. show was their most successful premiere ever.
    there is no word on whether democratics will organize to legally challenge the palin's plot, a "beneath the radar" assault in the american political arena. film at eleven. tina fey or n.p.r. would not comment.
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