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    I mean...we got cases such as "Sen. Craig resigns over sex sting"..at my home state airport?...Odds are I have used that shitter restroom more than once...

    I'm fortunate I had no toe taps from the crapper next to me..or secret hand shakes like a Masonic Lodge of some sort..flashing hand signals under the stall..while I'm doing my best to shit out last nights..(whatever I cooked).

    It was probably an old Boy Scout Signal....who's to say.

    I find it so sick...that the war on terror..causes me to take off my shoes,just geting into the shiters at any airport.

    At the same time a Senator who should be,well who I hold accountable on this war on terror crap...Wants his dick sucked in a crapper...that I go through alot of bologna to so much as pull a nose hair in..between my flights.

    I have to take my shoes off to use the dam thing??..and make sure my ass don't have a hard on...to get past security?...Sheeeit.

    This SOB wouldn't admit anything...unless there was a picture of the 10 inch sausage in his mouth..or vice versa.

    This is such funny news abroad...just as Paris Hilton is like the ...well the John Wayne to America....Just as Britney Spears is who represents us as a whole.....

    Bush represents us the most....and it's the media sensations below him...that make us look completely stupid....Paris..Lohan..Britney...What the F do they have to do with us??...???

    As a nation this news is a joke...

    As a nation...jokes..and bullshit have been shoved down our throat the last 8 years...Maybe the last 16 years.

    Remember how we all blamed France..for not joining the cause..the war?...The shit..the media..and the foolishness said against them?

    Remember how will all supported our troops..in facing what had to be faced?.....There are just wars,occupations..and deversions.

    Remember how the world stood with us?....We had a licence to kill who was responsible...they stood behind us.

    Remember all the demonstrations from all the world communities...against the Iraq War?.....They were right...It was unjustified.

    It got to the point..that some A-Holes wouldn't eat French Fries..to those the world comunity..we over-looked there voices,thoughts..and opinions on the war on terror.

    911..left us ready to go to war against those responsible.

    We abused that privilege..by waging a senseless war in Iraq.

    How the F can any of you...assume Russia..China..and other world communities will over-look this?

    Don't any of you idiots..remember..at the begining of this war..These exact same questions were asked of Mr.Bush?....I clearly remember him refering to Mr.Putin as his close friend back then....These guys were buddies.

    Buncha bullshit.....Ya gota laugh..:)

    The sad thing is...ya got Hillary Clinton who's gona make true on her 10 promises.

    Another Career Politician...

    Ya know...these people who are career politicians put up with cheating...and same sex encounters among there spouses....They pat them on the back..and stand behind there husbands in the media....Just like Tammy Baker did..till the shit started falling in buckets.

    In the real world..you..and I?...That shit don't pass the cake.

    These people are used car salesmen...and we as American people...bite into this crap.

    If Hillary..and that Senator Craig's wife stand behind there men..then so be it..If they represent the country in there best interest..Who's to say they are not worthy.

    But I would not put my arm around the woman I made an oath to..while she sucked some other guys dick..and say I forgive you on public TV..with a smile..:)

    If this country needs anything..it's a Judge Judy as a President!!

    12 soldiers could die tomorow in Iraq...So much as a 2nd speeding ticket from Britney,Michael Jackson with a blister on his toe..or Paris gets a broken finger nail...it's page one news.

    The sad this is...99% of all Americans don't listen,nor ever will to Britney Karoke...Micahels Jackson is just amusement...Paris...What average guy would ...you know...(smile).

    They are nobody..don't represent us.

    This Iraq War..don't represent us either.....You may have your opinion..and thoughts about it.

    But the world does too.....

    Not only that..more than half this nation has drawn a conclusion.

    The scary part is..when a person can't admit a mistake..And a King of The Hill type situation comes into play.

    I'm gona vote this year...won't be for any con..or Hillary per say.

    Not sure what good it will do....This country as a whole is going down the poop shoot....The neighborhoods especialy..(giggle)

    A person is dam lucky to live in the country..or the woods..far away as possible from Capital Hill..let alone any dam voter who'd for himself act like he knew the whole picture....JFK was right to some degree.....On what you could do for your country to make it a better place...

    But here you'd put that religious guy in office..Pat Robertson if he lowered your taxes....put an end to abortions,and what have you...

    This same asshole could wage a war....

    1800 Iraqis died this month...the blame shifts like the sands in Iraq.

    You lowered you taxes..and Mission accomplished with your vote on the home front.

    At the same time..more people have been killed...and you all vent frustration with Iraq....It's a F'ing joke.

    The Pope himself...holds weight in America's Vote...then your beliefs..then our taxes....

    The war on terror?...hahaha..:)

    We are on it..in Iraq.....Don't you remember..we called everybody losers who didn't go along with the program.. All the way to riding the world of "WMD's"..."support our troop therory"..."Operation Iraqi Freedom"...I can't remember half the shit said to us...

    The point is...all what was said to us..Is Bullshit...:)

    The surge is working..it's not....???...We all know shit is on the brink of colapse over there......

    The other sad thing is...10's..of thousands of Iraqis have helped us,and our working with us..We leave..they will will die.

    If we stay...10's of thousands more will die....

    In 7 years..there will be mass graves from our occupation there,that outnumber what Saddam Hussein could have ever accomplished.

    Due to our war on terror..you vote for what makes your life satisfied here....Save a life...to put a man in office who takes 3 times more overseas.

    Your religious views...controls a world of thinking,that effects our foriegn policy as well......Bush is a perfect example.

    That's YOUR responsibilty...

    Bush says he prays & talks to God...so do all of you..It's time to stop taking his version of it..because that's what it comes down to...for all you believers.

    Lastly...the other group that put his ass in office is those in the same shoes as Libs...and the day,to day sacrafices they encounter.

    I'd say it's fair to say..that just as many Lib Voters..are against abortion as well...

    So what got this ass in office...tax breaks?....He spends like...will....billions that could be used on a war with terror...while so many things could be bailed out with those billions.

    He's a screw up...just like Senator John McCaine said..you could walk around most Baghdad with no security...and not need a bullet proof vest....It was safe there he said..:)

    It..that was so full of bullshit...He played his campaign that all was well in Iraq..and ready to support this shit...Yet was the first Senator to call for that Queer Senator Craig's resignation...to having/wanting a blowjob in a mens bathroom.....

    The guy lied about wanting his pecker sucked by another man...and John McCaine lied as well....

    Toe Tapping is a thing for all these elected officials.

    They lied straight face to us..and sit on the war committee.

    Has there been any truth..to anything outa this war?...Accomplishments?

    I think we as a nation..should all be ashamed on what is happening....We're all to blame.

    Don't yack at me..or bitch...I don't write the front page news stories..that have absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. way of thinking.

    Half you who voted for this fool..believe he actualy does talk to God...:)

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