Our broken immigration policies

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    We don’t have a broken immigration system. We have broken immigration policies. We have too many incentives that exacerbate the immigration problem and keep them coming. We have a generous legal immigration system that allow almost a million to immigrate legally each year. Plus asylum seekers and refugees. Our immigration laws works if they were enforced, but are not because of businesses greed for cheap labor and corrupt politicians that use illegal aliens for their own selfish gains. If we wanted to we could fix the illegal immigration problem almost over night by taking away one incentive. Jobs. We do not need 20 million illegal aliens to do jobs Americans will not do. If the E-Verify system was enforced they could not work and they would leave and they would not come. Automatic Birthright Citizenship is another incentive that should be repealed retro-active that give welfare to Illegal Alien families. This is going to be our Achilles heel down the road. Minor and inexpensive actions would solve all our immigration problems and save this country billions.
    Obama’s latest immigration policy that gives temporary legal status and work permits to some will explode the immigration problems and cost trillions. And Romney would take it even further. Who will get serious about our immigration problem and what will it take? I don’t see a snow ball chance in hell that we will ever get our immigration problem under control. Our legal immigration policies are way to generous also.
    If we concentrated our concerns on the welfare of our own citizens as much as we do Mexico’s we would not be a hell of a lot better off economically and socially. Take care of our own children and they will take care of the future of this nation.
    How the hell do we fix our immigration problem with policies like ‘do not deport” “do not detain at the border” “giving the legal status and work permits?” How do we do a back ground check when we cannot even get a name?
    We have got to have the worst immigration system in the world.
    Mexico would not have a drug problem if they controlled their southern border from drug smugglers. We would not have a drug problem if we controlled our southern border. If druggies could not get drugs we would not have drug problem.
    Before we can fix our immigration problem and Mexico fix theirs, both have to fix their corrupt governments. If we fixed our immigration system, Mexico would have to fix theirs'. Mexico and U.S. both are enabling each other with their greed and corruption. We let them come here and stay because of greed and Mexico let them come here and stay because of greed.
    We spend billions putting border patrols on the border and they are not allowed to control the border? What the hell do we pay ICE for anymore?

    We cannot afford to round them up and deport them, but we have plenty of money to educate their children and create jobs for them, we can spend $6 billions a year on anchor babies, 726,000 born each year, and they are receiving billions in tax credits and for children living in Mexico. What kind of FS it that?
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    Foxes watchin' the henhouse...
    GAO: 144 Border Agents Charged with Corruption, Smuggling Aliens and Drugs Since 2005
    January 10, 2013 – In the last seven years, 144 officers and agents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have been arrested or indicted on corruption charges that include smuggling illegal aliens, smuggling drugs, and bribery, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

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