Opposed recent POL prices by 10% which is burden & in-justice

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    Opposed recent POL prices by 10% which is burden & in-justice
    I extremely condemn, opposed the recent increase of POL prices by 10%. Government once again want to test the patience of their people by increasing the POL prices with 10% which affect all commodities prices and indirectly burden to common and middle class group.

    In Pakistan rich people become more richer and those who are poor become more poorer due to wrong Government policies, lack of business opportunities, un-employment, inflation and high crime rates.

    More interesting to share our Leaders more busy and happy how to earn more or become famous. Please learn from Arab world what happen to their leaders those ruled for 2 to 3 decades. How no place available for hiding from own public.

    Sharp re-action from MQM, PML-N and PML-Q walkout from National Assembly as a protest and more interesting to share that MQM give 3 days ultimate to Government to withdraw the present hike.

    Those who are middle class belong to salaried person have problem to run their kitchen expenses when this increase will revise all commodities prices in which common man suffers and those rich never suffer or get in problems due to surplus wealth.

    Please stop further in-justice with common citizen otherwise people will come out in street and protest that time you will realize. Those who works in private organization never think their salary will revised when the POL prices increased but only increased when BIG BOSS allow. Realized how life become difficult for a low income salaried person but decide who care or take pain.

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    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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