Open Water

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    It's hard to say what I thought about this movie.

    First off, it's not the "scream-fest, horror event" or "scariest shark movie since Jaws!" that the ads claim it is. It is definitely unsettling, but not in a jump out of your seat kind of way. The best way I can describe it is to say that it's The Blair Witch Project meets Jaws. The whole thing is shot on DV and presented in an extremely realistic way, for better or worse. I say this because this strong adherence to realism leads to very long scenes of simply the two leads floating around in the water in silence.

    If you don't know, the movie is about a couple on vacation in the Bahamas who go out deep sea diving. Through a mixup on the boat, they are left out in the ocean and the boat leaves them there. The rest of the film sticks with the two of them floating out in the water as the hours begin to wear on and they begin to realize that the boat isn't coming back. Then the sharks begin to show up.

    The effects are scary, only because all the sharks used in the movie are actually real sharks, and the actors are actually out in the water with them. It makes it a little tenser to know that the sharks are really out there.

    Like I said, this is an unsettling movie, but I don't know about scary. It certainly made me uncomfortable while watching it, and (without giving away too much) the ending is really depressing, though it does not end the way you would expect it to. I guess if you're looking for a realistic horror experience, this would definitely fit that bill.

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