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    Prostitutes, Exotic Dancers Want Union, Protections

    POSTED: 10:46 am EST December 17, 2005

    UPDATED: 10:51 am EST December 17, 2005

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Saturday is the third annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, and many in the industry say physical abuse against prostitutes and exotic dancers remains a problem.

    A non-profit group called Sex Workers' Outreach Project says its goal is to make their work conditions safer and healthier.

    Executive Director Robin Few said the workers don't have equal protection under the law, meaning they can't go the police when there's violence against them.

    Few says they want consensual prostitution decriminalized. It's every person's right to make decisions regarding their own bodies, Few said.

    Sex workers also want to unionize to get protections that workers in other industries have. :dunno:

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