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    Our little town is much like the politics congress and many areas throughout the country today we have one grocery store here in this town. Every time I shop there I get more agitated as I walk through the isles. The grocery store is phasing out most other brands for quite a few years now and replacing everything they can with store brand items. More recently though they are putting almost all items on shelves with their brand name. The cereal isle is the worse and today was even worse than usual as what few name brands are left in the store were placed on the top shelf hard to reach places. In the past I bought items that were labeled with the store name. The quality of their store brand items I bought were awful so I don't get anymore items with their name on them. Instead I buy only what I can't do without until I can drive to a town with stores with more choices.

    Politics are the same way today the choices are being limited to a very few brand name items that are being pushed at the public at an alarming rate. People are being led by a few who want all the political leaders to have their brand on them even if the quality of their leadership is inferior it will be the only choice left after a season or two.
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