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    Since this original thread was put into the lame zone where it can't be commented on I will have to reply to the comments in a new indentically titled thread with a different subject.

    Its not a matter of hating or loving government but treating it like a object that can't be loved or hated much like a pair of shoes. It can't be hated or loved in any way other than for its functionality that it provides. I love the fact that my shoes allow me to walk very far without bruising my feet and when those shoes fail to do that I get new ones. They have no special place in my heart since that would make no sense whatsoever.

    When I do throw away my shoes or complain about them I hear a nasty criticism from others about "me hating shoes". It sounds laughable but I hear it all the time from those who love shoes more than anything else in the world. I know its a part of the fascist creed to love shoes more than anything. They make oaths to shoes, they salute the shoes, and put people in prisons when others want to get new shoes that suit their needs just fine.

    Its not the shoe I hate but more the fact of what happens when that shoe no longer fits me and others tell me I have to have this shoe and no other shoe. It makes my life miserable but as long as I am wearing this shoe then they are happy.

    Oh celebrate (warning: sarcasm) for joy has entered our hearts as everyone is wearing the shoe and loving every moment of it. Greatness has befallen us because we are all wearing the shoe whether we like it or not.
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