One attack under Bush? I think not!

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    1, 9/11

    2, Jan 22, 2002 attack on the America Center in Kolkata, India

    3, Mar 21, 2002 attack on American Embassy in Lima, Peru

    4, July 2002 — Egyptian-born Hesham Mohammed Hadayet walked into the Israeli Airlines El Al terminal at the Los Angeles airport and began shooting Jews. He killed two and injured another four. He was known to sympathize with al Qaeda.

    5, September 2002 — Patrick Gott killed one and wounded another in the New Orleans airport. He had entered the terminal with a shotgun and his Koran.

    6, October 2002 — John Mohammed and Lee Malvo killed 13 people in the Washington, DC area. Both were converts to Islam and had attended a jihad training camp in southwestern Virginia.

    7 ,May 12, 2003 bombings of United States expatriate housing compounds in Saudi Arabia

    8, May 2006 — Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student, rented an SUV and drove it through a crowded part of the campus — intentionally trying to hit people and wounding nine. In a series of letters to the student newspaper, he explained that he acted in obedience to Koranic dictates.

    9, June 2006 — Michael Ford, a Muslim convert, walked into work at a Safeway warehouse in Denver and opened fire on his coworkers, killing one and injuring five. Relatives explained that he was being teased at work because he’s a Muslim and he could not take it anymore.

    10, July 2006 — Naveed Alzal Haq, a Pakistani, walked into the Jewish Federation Center in downtown Seattle and shot six women — killing one and wounding five (one of whom was pregnant). He stated matter-of-factly: “I am a Muslim American angry at Israel.”

    11, August 2006 — Omeed Aziz Popal, a Muslim Afghan refugee, used his SUV as a weapon and ran down at least 14 people and a bicyclist in the San Francisco Bay area. He was targeting Jewish neighborhoods to terrorize.

    12, January 2007 — A 22-year-old Muslim, Ismail Yassin Mohamed, stole a car in Minneapolis and rammed it into other cars before stealing a van and doing the same, injuring several drivers and pedestrians before police finally caught up with him. Mohamed called himself a “terrorist.”

    13, February 2007 — Ibrihim Ahmed, a Nashville cab driver and Muslim, was enraged that two passengers did not agree with him about Islam. When they got out of the cab, he tried to run them down, striking one in a parking lot.

    14, February 2007 –Sulejman Talovic, a Bosnian Muslim immigrant, went to a Salt Lake City mosque on a Friday night. Then he went to one of only two malls in the state which prohibits civilian carrying of concealed weapons. He killed five before an off-duty cop (not subject to the ban) used a concealed firearm to stop his murder spree.

    15, Jan 15, 2008 bombing of U.S Embassy in Beirut

    16, Sept 17, 2008 a car bomb exploded outside the U.S. Embassy in San‘a’, Yemen

    And add 17, shoebomber. If the Christmas day failed attempt was a terrorist attack then so was the shoebomber

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