On the Border with Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol

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    Glenn Spencer is president of American Border Patrol. He founded the organization in 2002.

    Glenn was born and raised in California. He holds a bachelors degree in economics and mathematics. After college in the 60s he spent seven years doing Operations Research for a Washington DC Think Tank. His specialty was large-scale logistics simulations models. Problems he dealt with were similar in nature to the problems facing Border Patrol management.

    In the 70s Glenn switched over to business management and was an officer of a publicly traded company in real estate and natural resource development. In the late 70s Glenn turned his attention to the energy problem and ran his own consulting company. One of his major accomplishments was the creation of a four-county joint powers organization for geothermal energy development. The counties were Lake, Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino, in northern California.

    In 1980 Glenn joined with two American Indian partners to form Arrowstar, Inc., an Indian-owned seismic oil exploration company. As Vice President and General Manager, Glenn steered the company to successful relationships with ARCO, Chevron, Texaco and other oil companies. Arrowstar was successful in finding major oil deposits in Montana and North Dakota and, at the time, was the second largest employer of American Indians in the U.S.

    As oil exploration in the U.S. wound down, Glenn returned to California where he turned his talents to the use of computers for law firms engaged in groundwater related litigation. While doing this, he produced hundreds of illustrations for a textbook on groundwater development published by Wiley.

    In the late 80s saw the tremendous changes happening to California and Los Angeles and turned his attention to the problem of illegal immigration. In 1992 he retired from his business life to pay full attention to the problem. After ten years of activism, including advocating for Proposition 187 in California, he moved to Arizona to launch American Border Patrol. The purpose was to get the government to build a fence along the border similar to that found in San Diego.

    On the Border with Glenn Spencer of the American Border Patrol - The Cholla Jumps
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    Western Lands
    Good article.

    With his versatile background and professional experience, he has to be passionate about what he is doing.
    The reason I say this, having lived in the southwest here for 25 years, he just as easily could have made a real killing with his 'groundwater' experience and tribal connections, negotiating water contracts with various Indian tribes.

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