Old Tyranny or New Freedom?

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    I’ve posted approximately 4,000 original messages starting with my first message in the year 2,000. My best guess is that fewer than 200 of those messages dealt with the economy and the budget. Over the years I concentrated on repealing the XVI Amendment. I firmly believe that the income tax is the root of all evil in this country. That is why it never made any sense for me to get lost in a maze of economic double-talk, tax increases, and so on.

    I recall a few times where I discussed the Federal Reserve Bank in relation to the income tax. Those discussions were spirited and friendly focusing on which one should be abolished first, and which of the two did the most to enslave a once-free people. My position was: Don’t send the money to Washington and they can’t spend it. Opponents of The Federal Reserve countered with: The Fed can create all of the money it wants to spend. Discussions always ended in a stalemate.

    Today, I would have to defend my position in light of Hussein’s second term. Clearly, Hussein’s parasite class changed the dynamics that led to the Federal Reserve and the XVI Amendment:

    I’m not the first one to point out that for the first time in history parasites elected a president. The thing that is going unnoticed is this: At the turn of the 20th century bankers were villains; they were the people labor unions and social reformers railed against. Today, the parasites not only empower the bankers they insist on subservience from everybody else. Electing Hussein to a second term is proof of where the parasite class’ loyalty lies.

    The question that must be asked is how much support can a few bankers count on getting from millions of parasites should it come to violent revolution. I suspect it will be a lot because parasites see slavery this way:

    I’m fairly certain it will take a violent revolution to abolish The Federal Reserve and the XVI Amendment because the parasite class already believe they are the ones fighting for individual liberties; “a new kind of freedom”. They will defend slavery with just as much violence as a religious fanatic defends an evil religion when it is threatened:

    A New Kind of Freedom
    Nelson Hultberg
    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    A New Kind of Freedom

    “. . .a supine Senate and a timid array of House Republicans.” is putting it mildly. To be more accurate Congress has been in bed with the The Creature From Jekyll Island right from the beginning. To be fair a few elected officials spoke out against the Federal Reserve Bank. It was too little too late. The parasite class drowned them out in every election until they put Hussein in the White House —— TWICE. And let’s not forget that Congress built a welfare state that nurtured the parasites while they grew in numbers and influence.

    The heart of the matter

    Most Americans have a basic understanding of the evils inherent in the Income Tax Amendment. Not so many are familiar with The Creature From Jekyll Island. Anyone who is interested can get a quick primer in the video featuring G. Edward Griffin. It’s great in that it provides historical fact, names, and places tied together by the opinions and interpretations of a knowledgeable man who vehemently opposes The Federal Reserve.

    I can only post the link and hope a few readers will take the time to watch 1:47:20 video. The final 30 or so minutes offer proof of just how much damage Hussein’s parasites did to this country when they gave him a second term. The New World Order is exactly where Hussein intends to take this country. I’m sure he sees the votes the parasite class gave him as a mandate of sorts allowing him to betray the country openly. No more secrecy like the secrecy G. Edward Griffin detailed when the Federal Reserve was created.

    Here’s the Creature From Jekyll Island video:

    Finally, I’ve posted the following a hundred times over the years. If you watch the video you cannot miss the unmistakable evolution of The Creature From Jekyll Island:


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